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Mrbrianzhao is an expert in the abrasive industry since 2011, He has great knowledge about all kinds of abrasive tools and their application. He will bring you the following aspects.

  • Abrasive Basic Knowledge share
  • Abrasive Problem Analysis
  • Abrasive Tools Recommendation

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What kind of abrasive tools Mrbrianzhao can help you sourcing or customized.

1. Grinding Wheels:

Resin bond diamond grinding wheels

Diamond wheel, CBN wheel, Metal bond grinding wheel, Resin bond grinding wheel, Electroplated grinding wheel, Brazed bond grinding wheel and Vitrified grinding wheel.

2. Polishing Wheels

Soft-flexible-diamond-sanding-Polishing-wheel for lapidary

BD wheel, BK wheel, 10S40/60/80 wheel, Low E deletion wheel, Wool polishing wheel.

3. Cutting Wheels

Cutting wheels of metal resin bond with and without body

Metal bond diamond/CBN cutting wheel, electroplated diamond/CBN cutting wheel, Cold-pressed diamond cutting wheel

4. Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond core drill bit and countersink for glass

Diamond thin wall core drill bit with straight shank, taper shank or threaded shank, diamond countersink.

5. Mounted Points

Diamond and CBN Mounted Points
Aluminum-oxide and silicon carbide mounted point

Diamond and CBN mounted points, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide mounted points.

6. Sharpening Stones


Knife sharpening stones, Dressing stick, diamond honing stones.

7. Other Diamond Tools

CNC Diamond Milling Cutter
Diamond milling tools for optical glass
Diamond Dressers

 Diamond dresser, Diamond Rotary Dressers, CNC Diamond Milling Cutter, Diamond milling tools for optical glass, etc.

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