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Sharpening stones are widely used for knife sharpening, it can be used with water, so it is called wet sharpening stone; and also can be used with oil, we call them oil stone. When a sharpening stone will be used for resharpening a grinding wheel, we call it dressing stones, and for honing usage, it will be named honing stones, all these sharpening stones materials can be diamond, CBN, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, the shape can also be made into a rectangle, triangle, round, half-round and customized, contact Mrbrianzhao to know more.

Abrasive Sharpening Stones for Knife Sharpening, Wheel dressing and Honing

Single Grit Sharpening Stones

Today Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend other types of popular abrasive tools, these kinds of abrasive stones are different from grinding wheels, they are rectangular in shape. According to different usage, we can use different materials and form them into different types, the abrasive stone usually called sharpening stones or oil stones and will be used for knife sharpening. And sometimes they are...

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