Glass Grinding Wheels and Polishing Wheels for Glass Industry

Metal bond diamond glass grinding wheel

Today, Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend you a series of glass grinding wheels and polishing wheels special for glass edging, these wheels have many different shapes and sizes, also made of different abrasive grains, they are diamond cup grinding wheel with full rim, full segmented, half segmented, diamond pencil wheel, OG wheel, and polishing wheel include  BD wheel, BK wheel, 10S wheel...

8 popular conventional grinding wheels’ grains and wheel types


Brief Introduction of conventional grinding wheels Silicon carbide and aluminum oxide grinding wheels are the main conventional grinding wheels, they can be a vitrified bond, resin bond and rubber bond. And bench grinder wheel is one of the most popular grinding wheels. And there are also many other types of grinding wheels made of different abrasive grains, if you like to know, follow...

5 Most Popular Cutting Wheels for Cutting Off and Cutting Slots

Diamond and CBN Cutting Wheels

Today, Mrbrianzhao is gonna introduce you to several different types of popular cutting wheels, these wheels can be used for all kinds of material cutting off and cutting slots. What is the difference, a cutting off blade usually don’t have a strict requirement of the wheel thickness, if it is strong and sharp enough, usually acceptable by the users, while if the user needs a diamond blade for...

The most comprehensive grinding wheel recommendation you have to read

Vitrified Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel

How many types of popular grinding wheels do you know, today Mrbrianzhao is gonna tell you all. Many years ago, people used aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding wheels, these types of conventional grinding wheels with cheap prices but the service life is limited. So super hard grinding wheels were invented, the main materials are diamond and CBN. Conventional bonded abrasives and super...

Popular Diamond tools for hole drilling, CNC milling, dressing and honing

Diamond rotary dressers

Today, Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend you popular diamond tools for all kinds of fields’ workpiece production. These diamond tools not only can be used for building glass, furniture glass, optical glass, ceramic, stone internal, and external grinding but also can be used for milling,dressing and honing usage. Diamond Drill bit and countersink for glass Diamond countersinks and drill bits are...

Abrasive Sharpening Stones for Knife Sharpening, Wheel dressing and Honing

Single Grit Sharpening Stones

Today Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend other types of popular abrasive tools, these kinds of abrasive stones are different from grinding wheels, they are rectangular in shape. According to different usage, we can use different materials and form them into different types, the abrasive stone usually called sharpening stones or oil stones and will be used for knife sharpening. And sometimes they are...

Mounted Points Popular small abrasive wheel for internal grinding and deburring

Different Vitrified Mounted Points for internal grinding and deburring

Today Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend you several types of mounted points, which are the most popular abrasive tools for internal grinding and deburring.  Different Vitrified Mounted Points for internal grinding and deburring Whatsapp Mrbrianzhao What are mounted points used for? Mounted Points' application: for polishing and deburring Mounting points can be used in many different applications...

Popular Lapidary Cutting Wheels for Stones & Gems Cutting

Metal bond Diamond Cutting Wheel Blade for Lapidary

Today Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend two types of lapidary cutting wheels that can be used for lapidary production. One is metal bond diamond cutting wheels and another one is cold-pressed diamond cutting wheels. Metal bond diamond cutting wheel Cold pressed diamond cutting wheel Whatsapp Mrbrianzhao Lapidary cutting wheels differ from grinding wheels in their function and structure. In contrast...

2 Popular soft flexible diamond LAPIDARY Polishing wheels

Soft flexible diamond sanding Polishing wheel

Today Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend another type of abrasive tool for lapidary production which is lapidary polishing wheel which also referred to as soft flexible diamond grinding wheels which are suitable for polishing lapidary stones, such as Gems, agates, jade, crystals, rubies, sapphires, etc. Two types of lapidary polishing wheels 1. SOFT FLEXIBLE DIAMOND lapidary POLISHING WHEEL...

Popular electroplated diamond lapidary grinding wheels for stone polishing


Today Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend a set of lapidary grinding wheel which are special used for lapidary grinding and polishing, Electroplated diamond grinding wheel with steel body or plastic body can be used for gemstone grinding, and soft flexible grinding wheels are suitable for polishing. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel with steel or plastic body Electroplated diamond lapidary grinding...

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