Glass Grinding Wheels and Polishing Wheels for Glass Industry


Today, Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend you a series of glass grinding wheels and polishing wheels special for glass edging, these wheels have many different shapes and sizes, also made of different abrasive grains, they are diamond cup grinding wheel with full rim, full segmented, half segmented, diamond pencil wheel, OG wheel, and polishing wheel include  BD wheel, BK wheel, 10S wheel, X3000/X5000, wool felt polishing wheel, Low-E selection wheel, etc.  

Metal bond diamond glass grinding wheel

These glass grinding wheels and polishing wheels can be used for the following glass edging machines: straight-line machine, double edging machine, shape edging machine, etc. 

How are the glass edges shaped by glass grinding wheels?

Before a glass edge to be formed into a fine edge, it has to use rough grit metal bond diamond glass grinding wheels to make it grind quickly and make the edge shaped very soon, then use resin bond diamond glass grinding wheel for a finer grit, and polishing, finishing, step by step.  The beautiful glass edge was shaped.

What wheels does a glass edging machine usually match with?

The purpose of a glass edging machine is to grind and polish the glass’s edges. The best glass deep processing machine and one of the greatest amounts of cold equipment are produced by the glass edging machine, which is mainly suitable for furniture glass and architectural glass processing and glass technology. Grinding and polishing of flat glass bottoms and chamfers are the most common applications. 

full and half segmented full rim diamond grinding wheels for glass

For glass production, they employ diamond grinding wheels, particularly for glass edge grinding. They frequently utilize full segmented, half segmented (external or internal), full rim cup grinding wheels, pencil grinding wheels, OG grinding wheels, and more. These glass grinding wheels are appropriate for constructing glass including furniture glass, vehicle glass, optical glass, photovoltaic glass, and so on.

Full Rim Diamond Cup Glass Grinding Wheel

They are commonly employed in straight line machines, double edging machine, form edging machines, profiling milling machines and CNC equipment, for example.

Resin bond glass finishing wheel with fine grit

A machine has numerous positions. As a result, different grinding wheels are used in various positions.

Typically, a metal bond with rough grit diamond is used initially, followed by a metal bond or resin bond with a fine-grit diamond grinding wheel. They utilize polishing wheels after grinding such as BD wheel, BK wheel, wool felt polishing wheel, and polishing powder.

1. Beveling Machine Diamond Wheels & Resin Wheels

Typically used after rough grinding on a glass beveling edge machine for fine grinding and finishing. They have a good modifying impact. They are separated into two varieties based on the distinct working surfaces: continuous rim and flume. 

2. Straight Edge Machine Diamond Wheels & Resin Wheels

This type of wheel is formed of diamond power mixed with metal bond by sintering and utilized on a glass straight-line edging machine for rough grinding, fine grinding,  and chamfering. They have good sharpness and fine edging effect when compared to similar items, which is beneficial for fine processing and polishing. The segment structure divides it into three types: continuous rim, full segment, and half segment. 


  • Rough, Fine edging, and polishing 
  • Fast, accurate, and stable glass edging

3. Internal Segmented Diamond Wheels

Internal Segmented diamond glass grinding wheel


  • High sharpness
  • No chipping
  • High strength
  • Heat resistance

4. X5000 Polishing Wheels

The X5000 polishing wheel is created by combining high elasticity and strength rubber material with high-grade cerium oxide and then reacting them. The X5000 chose a finer diamond particle size than the X3000, resulting in more accuracy, better polishing effect, and a working speed of up to 2840 r / min.

5. 10S40-10S60 Glass Polishing Wheels

10S Glass Polishing Wheels

Fine grinding, made of grinding materials combined with rubber and plastic materials,  with some flexibility, is usually used for polishing after finish grinding, particularly in precision grinding and polishing bottom edges and chamfers of glass.

Below wheels can be worked with internal segmented diamond wheels:

Full segmented diamond wheel, continuous diamond grinding wheel, resin diamond grinding wheel, diamond pencil edge grinding wheel, 10S polishing wheel.X5000 polishing wheel, or CE-3 polishing wheel.

You have known what grinding wheels and polishing wheels shall we match for glass edging production, now let’s get to know the detailed specification of each wheel.  

Grinding Wheels for Straight Line, Double Edging Machine

Full Segmented Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel

A diamond grinding cup wheel is a metal-bonded diamond tool that has diamond segments welded or cold-pressed onto a steel (or other metal, such as aluminum) wheel body that resembles a cup. Full Segmented Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel can be used for fluting carbides and high-speed steels, grinding and re-sharpening tools, trimming and polishing all kinds of glasses, crystal, etc

Diamond grinding cup wheels are utilized in a variety of roughness grinding applications. For coarse grinding, the bond should be softer and the diamond quality should be better because diamonds get blunt more quickly in this scenario. The diamond grit should be larger, often ranging from 80 to 120 grit. For this, coarse grinding with a large grit can increase work efficiency. 


  1. Excellent sensitivity, it is easy to recondition, and reconditioning during use is unnecessary 
  2. It ensures a great surface finish accuracy. 
  3. The workpiece will not be burned. 
  4. The wheels can work on several odd shapes.


  • Used for sharpening carbide end mills, saw blade, lathe bit, reamers, broaches, and others. 
  • It is mainly used in grinding carbide, ceramics, magnetic, glass, self-fluxing alloy material, and other non-metallic materials. 
  • It has the special functions of self-sharping, sharp-cutting, high-efficient grinding. It is not easy to destroy and heat the workpiece in grinding. 
  • After grinding, the workpiece’s surface is fine and smooth. 

Continuous Rim Metal Bond Diamond Cup Wheel

Continuous glass grinding wheels with diamond cup are mostly used to grind glass edges that are straight or chamfered. 


  • Sharp Grinding 
  • Longer service life 
  • No chipping on the glass edge 
  • Wear-resistant 
  • High comprehensive cost performance


● High-quality diamond powder raw material, sharp and wear-resistant

● ll-aluminum substrate, light material, no rust, high-speed operation

●The inner hole is accurate and smooth, easy to install


  1. Sound Proof Glass 
  2. Furniture Glass 
  3. Smart Glass 
  4. Automotive Glass 
  5. Architectural Glass 
  6. Home Appliance Glass  

Continuous Rim Resin Bond Diamond Cup Wheel

Continuous resin bond diamond glass grinding wheels are manufactured by high-temperature hot pressing and are made of high-quality resin powder and diamond powder raw material. In most cases, the substrate is made of aluminum. It is appropriate for straight edge and bilateral glass edging and chamfering machines. 

Continuous resin bond diamond cup grinding wheel is used for fine grinding after metal bond diamond wheel process and before glass polishing wheel process in deep glass production.


  • Smooth Grinding 
  • Stable Performance 
  • Strong edging 
  • No chipping 
  • No wear mark


  1. It is made of high-quality diamond powder raw materials, through high temperature and  high pressure sintered, which not only guarantees the sharpness but also ensures the wear  resistance 
  2. The working layer and the matrix are seamlessly combined, and the joint is sealed  smoothly and firmly, without falling off 
  3. Fast and efficient grinding, without edge chipping, and shallow wear marks, which is convenient for subsequent polishing. Remove the fine grinding lines of the previous metal  bond glass diamond wheel, and the edging effect is fine 
  4. Aluminum matrix mounting hole, precise inner hole size, good stability during high-speed  movement, all dynamic balance 
  5. Aluminum substrate, not easy to rust, lightweight, ensuring high-speed operation; 
  6. A variety of specifications and sizes are available 


Building glass, automotive glass, home appliance glass, furniture glass, etc

Grinding Wheels for Glass Shape Edging Machine

Diamond Pencil Edge Glass Grinding Wheel

For glass edge grinding, a diamond pencil edge glass grinding wheel is a metal bond diamond grinding wheel with a round or straight concave edge. Ideal for use with a form edging machine.


  • Strong Grinding Ability 
  • High precision 
  • Low noise 
  • No broken edge 
  • High wear-resistance 
  • Longer service life 


  • For auto glass, glass doors, windows, etc. 
  • Suitable for Straight edge machine, beveling machine, bilateral machine, CNC  machine 

OG Glass Edge Shaping Wheel

OG Glass Edge Shaping Wheel is designed for the grinding and polishing of exterior edges   of shaped glass. By changing the glass grinding wheels, different edge profiles like flat, pencil, OG,  etc are possible. 


  • Long product life 
  • Stable performance 
  • Good cutting accuracy 
  • High efficiency 
  • Fine finish


  • Edging grinding furniture glass 
  • Glass shape edging grinding 
  • Glass processing 
  • Home appliance glass 
  • Soundproof glass 
  • Smart Glass 
  • Air-conditioning glass

Peripheral Segmented Diamond Glass Grinding Wheel

This type of glass grinding wheels can be installed on all kinds of brands machines, such as  Shaped Glass Edging Machine, CNC machining Center, Glass Chamfering Machine 


  • Diamond grinding wheels for straight line and bevelling machines, double line  machines, CNC machines 
  • Used for glasses, quartzes, stones, chinawares and etc.

Polishing Wheels for Straight Line, Double Edging Machine

The polishing wheel is used for polishing glass, it can be used in straight-line edging machines, double edging machines, and beveling machines, it has excellent performance and long working time.

BD Glass Polishing Wheel

BD polishing wheels are resin or clay-based polishing wheels designed for use on high-speed CNC grinding machines for flat glass polishing, as well as dazzling cutting and engraving polishing.


  • Smooth finish 
  • Lightweight 
  • High tearing strength


  • Edging machines, double edging machines, and beveling shape-beveling machines all use BD polishing wheels. 
  • BD Polishing wheels are used mostly in the fine polishing of furniture, decoration,  and art glass, and they have a unique ability to remove scratches from glass.
  • Hard and soft BD polishing wheels are used in shape machines and pencil edging machines, and they have good quality for polishing building and furniture glass,  decorative glass, and so on.

BK Glass Polishing Wheel

BK polishing wheel is made of high elasticity and high strength rubber-plastic material mixed with alumina and silicon carbide.  


  • Good flexibility 
  • Wear resistance 
  • Excellent elasticity 
  • The smooth finish of the polished glass surface


BK polishing wheels are mainly used for glass polishing after glass grinding. They are especially suitable for the fine polishing of furniture glass, decorative glass, and craft glass. 

10S Glass Polishing Wheel

The common edge processing is to use firstly metal bond diamond wheel, then secondly resin bond diamond wheel and then 10S wheel.


These 10s series polishing wheels are developed to make very fine grinding and polishing on glass after fine grinding wheels.


● 10S Polishing wheels are mainly used for edging, double edging, bevelling machines. They are special for fine polishing on the bottom edge and chamfering polish.

X3000 X5000 Glass Polishing Wheel

The X3000 X5000 glass polishing wheel is made of high-elasticity and high-strength rubber,  as well as high-quality cerium oxide with exceptional polishing performance, giving it remarkable elasticity and polishing efficiency. After precision polishing, the glass surface is clean and transparent, with no traces. 


  • Excellent elasticity 
  • Great polishing efficiency 
  • Durable 
  • Great mark removal 
  • Smooth finish of polished glass surface


  • It is extensively used for the last polishing of straight edge machines, bilateral machines. 
  • Suitable for fine polishing of architectural glass, home appliance glass, water cluster glass, bathroom glass, etc.

Wool felt Glass Polishing Wheel

Wool-felt-glass polishing-wheel

The wool felt polishing wheel is the necessary polishing wheel for glass polishing. It is used as the last process of glass polishing, can have the effect of removing traces and improving the brightness. The material wool felt is mildly abrasive, making it ideal for buffing, abrading, and polishing applications. 


  • Wear resistance 
  • Chemical resistance
  • Highly absorbent 
  • Environmentally friendly


● It is widely used on the straight-line edging machine, beveling machine, irregular edging machine, and so on.

Low-E Glass Edge Deletion Wheel

Low-E Glass Edge Deletion Wheel

Low E deletion wheels include dry grinding and wet grinding, which are used for removing the metal film of Low-e glass on the edge for further processing. 


  • Environment friendly 
  • Used to Remove Low-E Coatings on Glass 
  • Tough to Remove Coating but leaves no marks on Glass


● Glass Low-E edge deletion tools and machines are used to process and remove the coating of glass surfaces along glass edges. 

These are the different types of wheels used in the production of glass in the glass industry. Diamond grinding wheels should be fitted in this glass processing equipment to get the desired results. You must select different grinding equipment and diamond grinding wheels to process your chosen glass shapes based on their various shapes, smoothness, and so on.

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