Mounted Points Popular small abrasive wheel for internal grinding and deburring


Today Mrbrianzhao is gonna recommend you several types of mounted points, which are the most popular abrasive tools for internal grinding and deburring. 

Different Vitrified Mounted Points for internal grinding and deburring

Different Vitrified Mounted Points for internal grinding and deburring

What are mounted points used for?

Mounted Points for polishing and deburring

Mounted Points' application: for polishing and deburring

Mounting points can be used in many different applications. 

  • Depending on the application, some products can be used for dry grinding, wet grinding, material removal or roughing, blending or intermediate cutting, finishing and deburring. 
  • Other uses include polishing and honing, cylindrical or centerless grinding, form or gear grinding, bench or backstand grinding, or portable grinding. 
  • Additionally, mounting points for cleaning or surface preparation, creep-feed grinding, and tool room or sharpening applications are available.
Mounted Point Shapes and specification

Mounted Point Shapes and specification

Specifications for mounting points include:

  • abrasive grain type:
  • abrasive grain size: Grit
  • Bond type: 
  • Shapes and size
  • applications

Mounted Points with different abrasive grains

Mounting Points can be made of different abrasive grains for different material grinding usage,  these abrasive grains can be diamond, CBN, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide. 

Diamond Mounted Points

Metal bond Diamond Mounted Point

Metal bond Diamond Mounted Point

Electroplated Diamond Mounted Point

Electroplated Diamond Mounted Point

Diamond Mounting Points are used for internal grinding of carbide, ceramics, glass, precious stones, alloy, and many other abrasive materials.

CBN Mounted Points

Vitrified CBN Mounted Point with thread shank

Vitrified CBN Mounted Point with thread shank

Cylinder Head Vitrified CBN Mounted Point

The CBN Mounting Point is used to machine small diameter holes, to dress them, to grind them at high speeds and to internal grind steels, high carbon steels, high chrome steels, and tool steels. Depending on customer requirements, they can be made with metal, resin, vitrified or electroplated bonds.

Aluminum Oxide Mounted Points

Aluminum Oxide Mounted Points

Aluminum Oxide Mounted Points

Aluminum oxide mounting points are made from high-quality abrasives such as white aluminum oxide, pink aluminum oxide, and brown aluminum oxide. There are two options for bonding: vitrified or resin. They are used both for the inside and outside of bearings, small cylinders, compressor parts, injection nozzles, and gears, among others.

Silicon Carbide Mounted Points

Green Silicon Carbide Mounted Point

The silicon carbide-mounting points are used in grinding, cutting, or honing cast iron, non-ferrous steel, non-metallic material, glass, gems, and stones.

Mounted Points with different Bond type

There are several different bond types of mounting points, metal bond, electroplated bond, resin bond, and vitrified bond.

Metal bond diamond Mounted Point

Most metal bond diamond mounting point are used for grinding glass, ceramic, stone and tungsten carbide materials.

Electroplated Mounted Point (diamond or CBN)

Electroplated diamond mounted point with rough and fine grit

We have set a benchmark in providing electroplated mounting points. This Electroplated Diamond Mounting Point is praised for its long service life and optimum performance. Customers can purchase these products from us at the most reasonable prices. 


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Fine finish
  • Smooth functioning

Resin bond mounted point

We offer a range of resin-bonding mounting points that are well-suited to applications where heavy stock removal is required, like foundries.

Vitrified bond mounted point

Vitrified CBN Mounted Points with threaded shank

Vitrified CBN Mounted Points with threaded shank

Vitrified bond Conventional Mounted Points

The vitrified bonding of mounting points makes them excellent for both small job shop applications and high-volume foundries. In addition to being perfect for investment casting, our vitrified mounting points offer a cool cut, less burn, and up to 30% higher metal removal rates.


Unique, engineered ceramic grain shape, and chemistry with proven bond technology

Other mounted points for polishing

Rubber mounted point

Rubber Mounted Point

Rubber Mounting Points are created with a formula that combines aluminum oxide grain and calendar synthetic rubber to create a high-tensile, tear-resistant product. These synthetic mounted points are used for deburring and polishing metals and have a softer bond than natural rubber.



  • Formula combining aluminum oxide grain with calendar synthetic rubber
  • Can be used with coolant
  • High tensile strength
  • Tear-resistant
  • Softer compared to natural rubber


  • Edge Breaking sheet metal to remove sharp edges.
  • Deburring with a light touch to remove visible and tiny burrs without affecting the surrounding region
  • Surface cleaning to eliminate unwanted surface deposits
  • Polishing and smoothing to improve performance, aesthetics, and cleanliness, as well as to reduce the risk of surface contamination.

Wool felt mounted point

Wool Felt Mounted Points are used for metal and non-metal polishing. They appear cylindrical in shape and are used for polishing and precise machining of all kinds of metal and non-metal products.


  • Suitable for polishing with compounds or waxes in the final polishing.
  • Used for grinding and polishing
  • Doesn’t burn the workpiece
  • Made with high-quality compressed wool fibers making them exquisite and resilient.
  • Higher efficiency
  • Precise machining – provides a higher level of cleanliness to the surface of a workpiece.


  • Installed on a die grinder, Dremel rotary tool, apply to all metal material and other non-metallic products polishing, surface fine finishing.
  • Used with polishing compounds to produce a high surface finish on all dies and molds.

Mounted flap wheel

Flap wheels are one of the most popular all-purpose abrasive goods on the market. Hundreds of closely packed, precisely spaced abrasive cloth flaps make up these polishing/finishing wheels. It’s simple to choose the proper size and grade for your project.


  • Provides smooth abrasion on the workpiece
  • Good elasticity
  • High security
  • Doesn’t burn the workpiece


  • Edge blending.
  • Surface preparation.
  • Internal diameter cleaning.
  • Part and thread reconditioning.
  • Polishing, blending, and finishing.
  • Deburring after a machining process.

Application Industries of Mounted Points

  • Aerospace
  • Tool and Die
  • Construction
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Automotive
  • Cutlery
  • Mold Shops
  • Stainless Steel Equipment
  • Foundries

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